Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Business Of Social Chat

Hi!  Doug Abney here, today I wanted to write about the importance of social chat (chatting in traffic exchanges).  The internet is rapidly changing the way we market ourselves, and social chat is rapidly becoming one of, if not the, most important tools we as internet marketers can use to promote and brand ourselves and our businesses. 

If you were to have asked me six months ago about social chat, I would have probably said "what?"  While I have been using traffic exchanges for years, to me social chat was nothing more than that annoying little box on the right side of your screen that unknown people said things in that sometimes made no sense.  So I chose to ignore it and concentrate on my surfing.  (For those who don't know, surfing is what you do when you use a traffic exchange, you surf it.)

And then a while back a funny thing happened.  As I was surfing a new traffic exchange I had just joined, I noticed my name pop up in that annoying column.  I was being welcomed to the exchange by the owner.  Well, I don't know why but I chose to answer him and we got to talking.  His name was Marcus Wahl.  Well, as we talked I thought, hmmm, this is not so bad, in fact, it's kind of nice.  Little did I know that this first conversation with Marcus would turn into me using the chat box all over the internet!  Not only is it fun to get to know other people and chat with them,  lots of people I have now realized won't even consider doing business with you if they have never met you.  Since beginning to talk on the chat boards, I have met so many wonderful people and made so many business contacts.  My online business has increased about 25%, and I have even joined a few programs that I never would have if not for talking to the person promoting it.

I owe Marcus from Legacy Hits a debt of gratitude for getting this shy and timid person to finally come out of his shell and enter the chatrooms.  Thanks also to Rodney Hage and Ken Locatelli, co-owners of Legacy Hits with Marcus Wahl.  I will write about another great exchange I recently discovered soon, but Legacy Hits will always be #1 to me!  (And there ranking is rapidly shooting towards that mark, by the way).  Do yourself a favor.  Join Legacy Hits and HIT that chatroom!  You'll be glad you did!  You can join Legacy Hits right here: 

Doug Abney
Countrywide Satellite

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Reasons You Should By Your Next Smartphone Online..

1. Selection.. While shopping online for a smartphone you can do side by side comparisons of different phones from different manufacturers, without any high pressure sales tactics. Try doing that in a brick and mortar phone store. If you go to a T-Mobile store, for instance, you are only able to compare phones from T-Mobile. Online, you can compare phones from all the carriers, again, with no high pressure to buy it right then and now. 2. Price... Prices for cellphones are generally cheaper online, with some websites even giving their own incentives on top of the carriers. Often you will find online only free activation offers, rebates, gift cards, etc. Furthermore, some websites offer free shipping on new smartphones when you buy online. Also, keep in mind that no matter where you buy your phone, be it online or through a store, the
price of the plan you choose will be the same anywhere- no store or website has the power to change what the carrier charges for their monthly plan. Do keep in mind also, that if you buy a prepaid phone, you can often get discounted prepaid refills by buying your monthly minutes online. 3. Information.. When shopping for a phone online, all the information you could ever want to know about a particular phone, including what plans are available and how much they cost, is all there in black and white. You can just add it to your favorites or you wish list and then go back and compare all the phones you have looked at. 4. Free Shipping And Order Tracking.. Not all websites offer this. Always look for a website that offers free shipping and order tracking. 5. Satisfaction Guarantee.. Again, when buying a phone online, always check the website's return policy. Some websites have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with free return shipping. Look for it before buying a phone online, just in case the phone you choose does not feel quite right to you once you receive it. 6. You Can Start Shopping Now.. Yes, of course we want you to shop at our website and order from us! However, we recommend the above tips no matter what online retailer you are using to buy your next phone. But if you would like to begin shopping now at a site that offers you all of the things mentioned above, please go here now: And if you don't see what you are looking for, use our search bar on the upper right! Happy smartphone shopping! Article written by Doug Abney

Friday, February 3, 2012

Home Phone Service For 19.99 A Month! by Doug Abney

Today I wanted to share with you information about a cool little device that will save you a bundle on your home phone service. Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect is a new way to save on your existing home phone service. Bring your home phone and number to Verizon Wireless or activate a new line of service- it's your choice. You keep your existing home phone- it is compatible with your cordless OR corded handsets. The device is FREE, however, you do pay a one-time 35.00 activation fee on your first phone bill. You can port your existing home number to Verizon Wireless or get a new one. You get all these features included - no answer/busy transfer, call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, 3-way calling, call waiting and 411 connect. (If you use 411 connect you will be charged a small fee). No broadband or internet connection is required. It has a message waiting indicator light, a battery back up for power outages, and an external antannae for enhanced coverage. Long Distance in the United States is also included in the 19.99 a month price. And remember, the device is free, and is shipped to you free. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can get all the details about it HERE. Article written by Doug Abney for Countrywide Satellite

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Save Battery Power on an Android

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The Android operating system is turning the mobile communications and PDA world on its head by offering features, functionality and an open architecture that threatens to blow away everything else on the market.[1] However, many of the features available on Android devices can cause batteries to become drained very quickly.[2] Because of this, users of Android devices must intelligently and proactively manage the energy in their batteries. The power-saving options presented here can be used as you wish; all at the same time, individually or in any desired combination.


  1. Ask your phone what is using the largest percentages of power. (Settings » About phone » Battery use) If you ask Android what's using what percentage of available battery power, it will tell you. The vast majority of the time the biggest power hog is the display.
  2. Tell the device to only use 2G networks. (Settings » Wireless controls » Mobile networks » Use only 2G networks) If you do not need access to high speed data, or there is no 3G network where you live, you can tell Android to only use 2G mobile networks. You will still have access to EDGE network data and WiFi if needed.
  3. Reduce the brightness of your display. (Settings » Sound & Display » Brightness) Most people can see an Android display quite well with the backlighting feature turned off. Move the slider all the way to the left, then try using the device that way. If you can't see it well in that setting, move the slider to the right only as far as necessary to view the display comfortably.
  4. If your device has an AMOLED screen, always use a black background. AMOLED screens can reduce power usage sevenfold by displaying black instead of white or any other color. When searching on your phone you can also use Black Google Mobile at to get standard Google results (including images) all in black [3].
  5. Set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible. (Settings » Sound & display » Screen timeout) This setting tells the device to turn off the screen after the selected period of inactivity. The shorter the period, the less power your display will use. The setting options vary from phone to phone.
  6. Turn off the wireless feature when not needed. (Settings » Wireless controls » WiFi, or get the Wireless Settings free app) The wireless networking transmitter uses quite a bit of power. Even when the device is not connected to a network, it will continue to search for one on a regular basis.
  7. Turn off the Bluetooth feature when not needed. (Settings » Wireless controls » Bluetooth) For the same reasons as you should turn off WiFi, turn off the Bluetooth feature if you are not using it.
  8. Turn off the GPS. (Settings » Security & location » Enable GPS satellites) When the GPS receiver in your Android device is active it looks for satellites, and its processor prepares information to be sent to any application that needs it, regardless of whether an application that uses the GPS is running or not. If you are not navigating, turn off GPS and let the device use whatever alternative location services your wireless network provider may offer.
  9. Use the Power Control widget. (Home screen » Menu » Add » Widgets » Power control) As of Android 1.6, there is a widget that you can place on any one of your home screens that gives you quick control buttons for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Push sync, and screen brightness (three levels). Use this to control your settings and turn them off to save battery power, as stated above. This is a nice easy shortcut.
  10. Turn off the phone vibration function. (Settings » Sound & display » Phone vibrate) The tiny device inside your phone that generates the vibration uses power every time it is activated. Alternatively, set the ringer volume all the way off, past the Vibrate setting.
  11. Do not leave applications running when you don't need them. Close them and return to the home screen.
  12. Put your phone on standby mode when you are not using it. Simply press the red "End call" key and the display will darken. Press it again and it will light up.
  13. Put the device in "Airplane Mode" while on an airline flight. Press and hold the "End call" key until a menu is displayed. Select the mode to turn off your phone's transmitter. This will allow you to use the phone while in flight. Of course, if you don't plan to use the phone, turning it off completely by selecting "Power off" is the ultimate power saving tip! To power on the device, press the "End call" key.
  14. When traveling, take your charger as well as a USB cable with you. Most airports offer free charging devices or power outlets, but some may only offer a USB port to charge your phone. Many airliners also have power ports somewhere near your seat that you can use to charge your device during the flight, either while in "Airplane Mode" or while you are using the in-flight wireless service on flights where it is available.
  15. Install a power management app on your device. There are several apps in the Android Market that specialize on managing power on Android devices. Most do this by controlling the activation and deactivation of systems on the device that consume power, such as the radio, screen, data and GPS. Some allow you to select how aggressively the app will control power. Search for "power manager" on the Android Market for some examples.



  • Spare batteries for Android devices can be found at good prices from aftermarket sources. Your wireless provider may also occasionally offer specials on original equipment batteries. Carry one with you and keep it charged.

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